About Our Media Center
Don't forget that you need an ID to check out books! 
Media Center Guidelines
Students may visit the media center from 8:15 until 3:55 with a pass from a teacher. We do request that students be in their homerooms at 8:40 for the moment of silence, pledge and Eagle Eye News. 
Sixth-graders may check out two items at a time. Seventh and eighth-graders may check out three at a time. The check out period for magazines is three days with a ten cent fine for each day late. The check out period for books in the general collection is 10 school days with a ten cent fine for each day late.  Reference materials have a one day check out period and carry a twenty-five cent per day fine when late.  Students will be charged replacement cost for any lost items. Students may not check out materials when they have an overdue book or a fine.
If a student needs to come to the media center before or after school, please check with Mrs. Thompson. The media center is available some mornings and afternoons.  Students must get a pass from Mrs. Thompson and get it signed by a parent/guardian in order to come before or after school.
If you need passwords for our databases, see Mrs. Thompson.

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Cherie Thompson, Media Specialist

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Assist with Book Fair
    (3 times yearly)
  •  Shelve books and materials
  •  Straighten shelves
  • Organize items

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