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Scoliosis Screening

On October 30, 2019, General Ray Davis Middle School will conduct a scoliosis screening as required by Georgia General Assembly Code 20-2-772 to identify students with signs of abnormal curvature of the spine. Two to three out of every 100 children may have scoliosis. If this condition is detected early and appropriately treated, progressive spine deformity can be prevented. Untreated scoliosis can cause severe physical deformity, chronic back pain, osteoarthritis, heart problems, lung problems. As a result, all Georgia public schools offer free screenings during the middle school years.
Screening is simple and painless, and only takes about a minute. Trained Rockdale County Public Schools clinic personnel will observe the student’s back both in the standing position and while bending forward. Males and females are screened separately. Female students should wear a bra, sports bra or bathing suit under their clothes on the day of the screening. If a screening shows signs of scoliosis in your child, you will be notified.
As a parent, you have the right to decline the screening for your child. Please print and return the form below to indicate your preference.

scoliosis screening

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