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General Ray Davis

"Above all, I see myself as a man of action. I never sit around and think about others doing this or that. . . . I am aware that as a holder of the Medal of Honor, I belong to this nation forever, because of a combat situation where literally thousands of men's lives depended on the actions that I took when someone had to take action."

—General Raymond G. Davis


The mission of General Ray Davis Middle School, an academy dedicated to patriotism, service and integrity, is to inspire, empower and equip all individuals to recognize and reach their unique potential by:

• Demanding excellence;

• Providing a safe and orderly environment;

• Respecting each person’s individuality;

• Celebrating the strength of diversity in our global society;

• Instilling pride in self, school and community;

• Utilizing the talents and gifts of every stakeholder;

• Challenging students to lead socially useful and purposeful lives;

Encouraging all who enter our halls to take ownership in our mission… The Davis Way.

About General Ray Davis

Raymond G. Davis was born in Fitzgerald, Georgia, in 1915. After graduating from Atlanta Technical High School, where he participated in ROTC and varsity wrestling, Davis entered the chemical engineering program at Georgia Tech. Serving in the ROTC and working in a bakery at night to make ends meet, Davis managed to have an active social life while completing a rigorous course of study. He completed his Bachelor of Science in 1938 and was selected as Georgia Tech's candidate for a Marine Commission for that year.

As a major at Guadalcanal and Peleliu in World War II, Davis earned the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism. As lieutenant colonel in the Korean War, he received the Medal of Honor. And, as major general and commanding general in Vietnam, he won the Distinguished Service Medal. Davis, who won the nation's highest medal for heroism at the Chosin Reservoir in bitterly cold conditions, was the most decorated Marine of his generation. He was one of 94 men -- three Georgians -- to win the Medal of Honor in the Korean War. His awards also included the Navy Cross, the nation's second highest decoration for bravery, two Silver Stars and the Bronze Star with Combat "V" for valor. In addition to his service in battle, Davis also served in every possible staff or command assignment—including Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps—during his career in the military. He became one of the most decorated veterans in U.S. History. In his "retirement," General Davis engineered the Korean War Memorial in Washington, D.C.; ran the Georgia Chamber of Commerce; and represented veterans, at home and abroad, as he gave talks about U.S. foreign policy in Northeast Asia.

An officer and a gentleman, Davis married Willa "Knox" Heafner in 1942. In General Davis' absence during times of war—a total of almost six years—Mrs. Davis ran the home and the family, but the couple stayed connected with daily correspondence. In letters and conversation, the general and his colleagues consistently praised Mrs. Davis for her own strength and courage as a Marine Corps wife.

General Davis passed away September 3, 2003. We are proud to have our school named in honor of this long-time Rockdale County resident.

DMS Golden Eagle

About Our Mascot and Colors

Patriotism. Service. Integrity. Dedication. These images come to mind when you see the majestic eagle. Our mascot represents our school’s namesake. It represents our pride in our school and the high standards that DMS students will meet. When you look at the eagle, you feel a sense of pride. You belong to a special community. All who wear this symbol are unique.

Our school colors are Gold and Black. Gold represents majesty and pureness. Black represents dignity and determination. Wear these colors with honor and pride, because when you do, you show the world that you are worthy of their respect.

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School Summary


School Colors
Gold and Black

School Mascot
Golden Eagles

Student Hours
8:45 a.m. to
3:55 p.m.

1200 (approx)

Year Opened

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Driving Directions

Take I-20 East from Atlanta and take Exit 82.

Go South on Georgia Hwy. 20/138 (Exit 82).

At traffic light, turn right onto Stockbridge Highway.

At four-way stop, turn left onto East Fairview.

School entrance will be on the left.

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"The Davis Way"

A tradition of...

fostering uncompromising
excellence in a safe and orderly environment.

embracing the talents, gifts, and diversity of every stakeholder.

instilling pride in self, school, and community.

We Are Davis

We Are Davis
That's all we need
We give to others
Without greed

We are Davis
We love to share
We donate toys
To kids for care

We are Davis
We always stay cool
Won't you come visit
Our wonderful school?

By Ashleigh Stapleton

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