Extended Independent Learning
General Ray Davis Middle School

Students and parents of General Ray Davis Middle School,

Rockdale County Public Schools will have Independent Learning Days starting March 16, 2020.

School instruction WILL CONTINUE throughout this time using school-issued laptops and resources. Teachers will post assignments, provide instruction, and be available online to ensure students continue to receive uninterrupted quality learning opportunities.

Classroom instruction will take place through itsLearning. Students will be expected to log in to their scheduled courses each day (schedule is below). See the links and resources below for everything you will need.

See COVID-19 Response updates from Rockdale County Public Schools



Student Schedule


Parents: Click here to Contact a Teacher

(Note: Students should contact teachers through the messaging link in itsLearning.)

Need Technical Help?

Here is some guidance on getting past the most common issues:

1) "Website blocked", "This page cannot be reached" or "Lightspeed error" when trying to access assigned work:
School laptops use the "Lightspeed" filter to block inappropriate content. These errors mean that the filter is not connected. To correct this, do the following

  • -Begin first by completely shutting down the laptop and restarting.
    -When the sign-in screen comes up, DO NOT LOG IN YET. First, click the wireless signal icon in the bottom right and connect to your wireless network. Wait until the network is "Connected" before continuing.
    -Now, log into the laptop as usual. If you open a web browser, it should work now. (Check both Chrome and Edge. Use one if the other doesn't work.)

    2) itsLearning is slow, gives an error message, or just "spins" when trying to submit or upload.

    At this time, millions of users are logging into itsLearning each day during the nationwide transition to online learning. This new influx of daily users is causing the itsLearning servers to work harder than ever before, sometimes causing errors due to the load. You will especially notice these issues at times when everyone is trying to get on at once (around 10 am in the morning, for example). The solution to these issues is to simply be patient and try again at a later time. As itsLearning adjusts to the new workload, we will probably see these problems disappear eventually.

    3) If you have questions about assignments or teacher directions or logging into a resource assigned by a teacher, please contact them. (See section above.)

    4) If you have tried the steps above and still have an issue that is preventing you from completing an assignment, use the link below to submit a help request.
  • NOTE: All submitted requests will receive a response within 2 school days.

    Click here to submit a technology help request

    5) If you need immediate assistance, you can all the RCPS HelpDesk during School Hours

    Help Desk Voice ~ (770) 860-4259
    Help Desk Email ~helpdesk@rockdale.k12.ga.us