Title I at Davis Middle School

The faculty and staff at DMS is actively involved in making the most of the resources and opportunities afforded to us by the Title I assistance program. This includes additional classes, programs, and resources to support students and help them reach their full academic potential.

An integral part of this program is parent and community involvement. The Title I Parent-School Compact (see link below) and the Title I Parent Involvement Policy (see link below) outline some of the things you can do to help this program succeed. In addition, there is a Title I Parent Resource Center in our Media Center with books and media that many families will find useful.

For more information about the Title I program at DMS, please call the school during school hours at 770-388-5675.

Parents: Your input is welcomed! If you would like to suggest a way to spend Title I funds for our school that would improve the achievement of all of our students, please contact Kassi Rouse.

Also, Davis Middle School needs your help in planning programs and services that will serve you and your children. All families of children receiving Title I services have the opportunity to provide input into how the required 1% set aside family involvement funds will be budgeted. Please contact the school with your ideas or suggestions.

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