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2019 6th Grade Golden Eagle Summer Camp
Registration Plus Small Tee Shirt ($20.00)
Registration Plus Medium Tee Shirt ($20.00)
Registration Plus Large Tee Shirt ($20.00)
Registration Plus XL Tee Shirt ($20.00)
Registration Plus XXL Tee Shirt ($20.00)

Program Eagle (Before/After School Care)
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Weekly Tuition-Morning Only... $30.00

Weekly Tuition-Afternoon Only... $60.00

Weekly Tuition-Both Mornings and Afternoons... $80.00


Fine Arts Fee

Single Student- Full Year ($50.00)

Family- Full Year ($75.00)

Student Activity Fee

(For school wide PBIS rewards and software licenses for students.)

Single Student- Full Year ($20.00)




(Early bird discount only until November 1.) //

// //Yearbook (Early Order Discount) ($40.00)



After School Enrichment Program

$65.00 Registration

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Textbook Replacements

Book Price
     6th Grade Science $67.50
     6th Grade Social Studies $43.50
     6th Grade Language Arts $72.48
     6th Grade Math $54.95
     7th Grade Science $67.50
     7th Grade Social Studies $45.99
     7th Grade Language Arts $72.48
     7th Grade Math $54.95
     8th Grade Science $67.50
     8th Grade Social Studies $49.95
     8th Grade Language Arts $72.48
     8th Grade Math $54.95
     Spanish I $69.97

Other Student Fees

DMS Replacement Student ID Card ($5.00)

Athletic Council
Single Season ($100.00)
Full Enrollment Time at DMS ($300.00)

Lunch Account

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